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#145518 - . “You don’t think Susan is here for you, do you”? “she’s here to help with the party we are having tomorrow night it’s a kind of goodbye thing we are having for Jerry, he is leaving the company today and I have offered to host his farewell bash or should I say bang” they both laughed and Susan poured more drinks the lounged back onto the sofa , her legs were splayed and I could see my cum seeping from her snatch, “Amanda says you are good with your tongue, do you want to show me” she said so I got down onto my knees but Susan pushed me onto my back and settled her pussy onto my lips and there she stayed until I had licked her clean. I rolled off and we cuddled ourselves into sleep, In the morning I woke feeling lousy, Hung-over and a little guilty, it was after 11am and the girls were nowhere to be seen Amanda’s car was gone, I sat with my coffee and wondered what that evening might bring and If I might be included in some way with Susan.

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